A Rare Breed of Scottish Folds And Straights


Many Toes

Rare Exotic Feline Registry (REFR DOUBLE Registered in Scottish Folds and American Polydactyls)

We believe that each Polydactyl cat is

Pawsitively unique.

The Pawsitively Rare Exotic Registered American Polydactyls, Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights

are not just cats with many toes and folded ears,

They are Rare and They are specifically bred for Unique Characteristics, Health, And

Before Leaving For Their New Forever Homes, We Offer Enhancements To Enrich Your New Baby's Life With Special Options.

Car Rides - Clicker Training - Four Wheeler Rides in BackPacks - Be Exposed To Gentle Horses - Leash Trained - Or Something Else You may Have in Mind - Accompany To Stores - Exposed To Many People -Litter Trained Is Included - You Customize Your Training or Exposures By Request.

Pawsitively Polydactyls Rare Exotic Feline Registered Scottish Folds, Scottish Straights and American Polydactyls All In One Well Bred, Healthy, Dynamic Package of Furr!

For Cat Lovers Only.